The Pharmacy • Johnson City, New York

The Pharmacy has been a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy since 1975. The Pharmacy offers complete traditional retail pharmacy services and is a member of the Legends Pharmacy buying group and the Cardinal Leader Program.


After thoroughly evaluating various pharmacy automation technologies, The Pharmacy selected PharmASSIST to address its goals of safely handling increased Rx volumes, reducing staff stress, and increasing workflow efficiency so staff can spend more time counseling patients.

“With double-digit growth the last few years, my staff has constantly been in reactive mode in almost every aspect of our workflow and customer service,” says Dave Warren, owner of The Pharmacy.

“As I evaluated various systems, my main objective was to take back control of our business and eliminate the daily chaos. Our Enterprise System has added much needed structure and quality control to help us achieve this,” adds Warren.

Rx Volume:

The Pharmacy fills on average 400 prescriptions per day and has peak days of approximately 700 prescriptions.


The independent’s PharmASSIST Symphony+ System is comprised of 2 PharmASSIST cabinets, 100 dispensers, and strategically-placed workstations for the various workflow tasks. The PharmASSIST system is integrated with The Pharmacy’s Etreby pharmacy management system, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


Warren, who has owned The Pharmacy for 29 years, says he has always looked to technology to try and improve The Pharmacy’s operational infrastructure. “We have 10 workstations dedicated to our pharmacy systems, and we use a number of them to perform multiple functions in our workflow. Our PharmASSIST system has tremendous flexibility and with its multiple levels of checking, you can’t put the wrong drug in the wrong vial,” says Warren. With The Pharmacy’s newly structured workflow and patient pickup tools – will call bin management and electronic signature pad – Warren says his staff is much more efficient and has greatly improved their customer service to his loyal clientele.