Our company name categorically sums up our charter as a solutions provider… we’re innovators. We do more than simply manufacture and sell technology. We create new ideas and ways of doing things.

Our founder and chairman, Harry Boyer, drilled into us, “understand the problem.” It’s our own unique brand of root cause analysis. It’s been our motto for decades.

Innovation is an industry leader because we understand the origin and the evolution of pharmacy’s problems, and we collaborate with our customers and industry partners to innovate bona fide solutions.

Our mission is to help pharmacies optimize outcomes, whether it’s patient, process, or technology-related. We strive to make a difference in helping pharmacies increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and deliver patient-facing care.

We’re now taking our mission to another level with the formation of our Advanced Systems Division, which enables our seasoned Professional Services team to work side-by-side with our colleagues at Binghamton University’s Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE). Through this collaboration, of which Pharmacy Intelligence was developed, we’re blazing new trails to help our customers and the industry at large with improving patients’ quality of life and health outcomes.