Are you dissatisfied in your legacy high-volume technology’s overall performance, realizing you’re never going to achieve its promised results? Or are you considering launching a new high volume site and have been pushed into believing the only way to truly verify results is to install and test the system in a live production environment?

We recognize that pharmacy fulfillment centers, such as central fill and mail order sites, are unique. Your “end product” varies widely, your throughput is order dependent, and your formulary can be huge.

Our High Volume Solutions are the most technologically advanced and most versatile pharmacy production systems in the industry today. We help you match up your organization’s goals with the right high-volume configuration, and we employ our Pharmacy Intelligence to assess the system’s operational risks, optimize its design and processes, and accurately forecast the results. Through sophisticated analysis and process simulation, we save your business invaluable time and resources by not incurring the costs of implementing and then changing a live production system. Or worse yet, having to live with a system that can’t fulfill its promised potential.

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