Your patients are your number one priority. Improving patient outcomes through high-quality wellness programs, clinical services, MTM, and patient adherence initiatives drives your patient-centric strategy.

So how do you redeploy your pharmacists to deliver patient-facing care?

It boils down to either centralizing various workflow tasks (e.g., pharmacist verification) and refill processing, or by implementing cost-effective, high availability automation at the retail level… or a combination of both. You can perform the former at a centralized site, a regional central fill, or by workload balancing tasks across other pharmacies, taking advantage of under-utilized pharmacists.

Our wide-ranging solution set, which includes Pharmacy Intelligence, enables you to “right-size” technology at the retail level, and employ sophisticated analysis and simulation to validate a central fill system before you invest. Or our Professional Services team can perform various analyses to help you optimize your operation and empower your staff to provide revenue-generating services.

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