Plug-n-play, countertop counting delivers unmatched value

The Eyecon’s rapid visual precision counting and innovative open-flow design takes countertop counting to a new level of sophistication. With speed, accuracy, and convenience as its core strengths, the Eyecon delivers unmatched value to your pharmacy’s prescription fulfillment process and patient safety initiatives.

Precise Optical Counting

The Eyecon counts tablets/capsules in 200 milliseconds with 99.9% accuracy, and comes with separate penicillin and sulfa-specific platters to prevent any chance of cross contamination.

With the Eyecon’s open-flow design, you see the medication at all times, even as you dispense the pills to a vial. The Eyecon also allows you to pour medication onto the tray as fast as you want and doesn’t force you to repeat the pour. If you over pour, the Eyecon immediately displays the exact over-count, and you can easily remove the extra medication directly to the stock bottle.

Simple Maintenance

The Eyecon doesn’t require any disassembly and has no hidden compartments. Thus, you can easily clean all medication-contact surfaces (e.g., platters, dispensing chute, etc.) in just a few minutes. Innovation keeps you up to date with the most recent database and application releases.

Workflow with Symphony

The Eyecon seamlessly integrates with our PharmASSIST Symphony systems, enabling you to take full advantage of Symphony’s quality protocols, medication image database, Rx tracking, problem management, and reporting. The Eyecon can serve as your main manual filling station for countable medications, or can augment your existing manual filling station with high value counting technology.