Complementing Technology with Experience and Knowledge

Pharmacy operations have undergone constant change over the past two decades. Whether you’re an independent, chain, hospital outpatient pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, federal healthcare site, or mail order business, you’ve all felt the impact and had to address the following issues:

  • Tremendous prescription growth
  • Rise in medication costs
  • Lower reimbursement rates
  • Reduced margins
  • Shortage of pharmacists
  • Stricter regulatory environment
  • Implementation of Medicare Part D and Medicare Star Ratings
  • Effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Increasing shift to patient facing care and medication adherence

During this tumultuous period, several types of technology providers have introduced a wide variety of products in an attempt to help pharmacies streamline processes, reduce costs, increase throughput, comply with regulations, better manage inventory, free up pharmacists to counsel patients, and on and on. That’s all well and good, but pharmacies, like many other businesses, experience employee turnover and lose trained staff; don’t stay current with new product versions and thus don’t know about new enhanced functionality; don’t take advantage of a technology’s reporting tools and their own data to improve processes; along with various other issues… again the list is long.

As one of these technology providers, we sometimes learned the hard way that simply deploying counting technology or a robot didn’t completely solve your underlying operational issues. However, we’ve visited numerous customer sites, listened and analyzed your invaluable feedback, and used these experiences to map out and build our Professional Services group, which is now our Advanced Systems Division.

Our team, led by Dr. Phil Samples, former USAF Pharmacy Consultant (the highest position in USAF pharmacy), is comprised of our seasoned pharmacy operations, Lean Six Sigma, and technology professionals. The group’s charter is to listen to and help you better articulate your goals, formulate a comprehensive and attainable plan, and execute on that plan to achieve your objectives and optimize your operation. A key component of these engagements is to ensure your staff understands, appreciates, and embraces the value that our in-depth analysis and actions bring to your pharmacy and business. Most importantly, the group helps your pharmacy refocus your energies on your patients so you can provide them with the best possible care.

Here’s an overview of our Professional Services offerings:

Pharmacy Intelligence™ Our unique combination of application-based data analytics, computer-animated process simulation, and Lean Six Sigma process analysis enables us to build and analyze multiple process scenarios using your pharmacy-specific data. We simulate the data through various automation and production logistics technologies, workflows, and physical configurations. The complete exercise assesses operational risks, optimizes system designs and processes, and accurately forecasts results. Thus, you get substantiated answers before you invest and you don’t incur the costs of implementing and then changing a live production system.
Workflow & Process Optimization As your prescription fulfillment process continually evolves with new regulations, Medicare and 340B changes, and the like, your workflow may not be as efficient as it once was. To help you optimize your processes, we analyze every aspect of your workflow, systems integration, and use of automation. We then recommend detailed system and physical flow adjustments, application and device upgrades, and even staff role modifications. The main objective is to automate or streamline manual tasks, correctly orient technician tasks, and free up your pharmacists to focus on MTM and other billable services.
Pharmacy Operations Management To help maximize your limited resources, we provide direct one-on-one collaboration to analyze your current operations. We then gather input from our entire team, which includes a pharmacist with more than 35 years experience in all aspects of pharmacy service. Through this collaborative effort, our pharmacy operations professionals will provide you with tangible recommendations to improve your pharmacy and help guide you through any changes.
Product/System Consulting To help you get the most out of your Innovation products and other pharmacy technologies, we provide expert product/system-specific consulting. Whether you need to revisit and understand the ramifications of Symphony’s configuration settings or streamline the triage of problem prescriptions, our seasoned team can help you maximize the value of all of your technologies.
Pharmacy Business Consulting Innovation is unique in the pharmacy automation industry due to our close business relationship with our academic partner, Binghamton University. Working together with your team, our professionals help you better understand and clearly define your business goals. Whether the engagement is narrowly scoped or more general, our team of pharmacists, business executives, university management, program management personnel, and internal resources are available to assist in any and all areas of focus.
Custom Software Development PharmASSIST® Symphony® is a functionally rich workflow and operations management system with innumerable configuration options that help you tailor your workflow to your specific requirements. Nevertheless, your pharmacy may have particular tasks, data items, reporting needs, and so on that you’d like to perform using Symphony. Sometimes these types of pharmacy-specific items fall outside the realm of commonly requested enhancements, and instead we offer to provide Custom Software Development. Our team works collaboratively with your pharmacy to develop customized functionality for use within Symphony or as a stand-alone application, often integrated with Symphony.
Compliance & Regulatory As patient compliance becomes more tied to reimbursement, understanding the broad range of tools that can help you better manage your compliance initiatives is vital to your business success. Our team of pharmacists and software professionals help you navigate the ever-evolving compliance landscape, and demonstrate how you can use PharmASSIST Symphony to meet and successfully document your patient compliance efforts.



Engage our Professional Services group today and learn how we can help optimize your pharmacy operation.

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