Innovation, makers of PharmASSIST® pharmacy automation solutions, today announced the introduction of PharmASSIST Light-Way storage and retrieval technology for pharmacy will call management, prescription order collation, and inventory management processes in retail pharmacy and central fill/mail order settings.

“There continues to be a need for affordable and highly configurable tools that improve the quality of the prescription fulfillment process, especially in the areas of medication picking, order collation, inventory management, and sortation. Existing tools are targeted at high volume facilities, come at high costs, and only address specific operational flows,” said Tom Boyer, COO at Innovation. “Our Light-Way technology breaks through these barriers by providing a fully configurable, low cost, guided pick-and-place solution that’s scalable to any size pharmacy.”

Light-Way is comprised of highly configurable cabinetry, intelligent pick-to-light technology using multi-color light strips, and various levels of security, including optional lockable doors with biometric access. Pharmacies can employ Light-Way to streamline their storage and retrieval for will call/patient pickup and collation of patient group orders, along with increasing the efficiency of their medication stock inventory management. Light-Way’s pick-to-light technology guides pharmacy staff on where to place and retrieve prescriptions or medication stock at each stage of their respective process.

The system is fully integrated with the company’s PharmASSIST Symphony® workflow and operations management platform, and can also be integrated with third-party pharmacy management/workflow management systems using a supplied software development kit (SDK).

Innovation is the leading provider of Pharmacy Intelligence and pharmacy automation to the retail, hospital, government, and mail order pharmacy markets. Our PharmASSIST family of pharmacy automation and process optimization solutions enable all types of pharmacies to increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and provide a higher quality of patient care.

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