Innovation, makers of PharmASSIST® pharmacy automation solutions, today announced that they have released PharmASSIST Symphony® Version 12.01, their leading workflow management software system for pharmacy fulfillment for retail, government, and high volume sites..

“PharmASSIST Symphony Version 12.01 brings lots of vital, new functionality, much of it driven by our existing clients with whom we work closely to bring their enhancement requests to fruition,” said Alecia Lashier, director, software engineering. “When clients request enhancements that are very specific to their workflow, we often provide custom software development services to design and build functionality for them. This is becoming a significant service to our business and to the industry.”

PharmASSIST Symphony Version 12.01 offers numerous new features, highlighted by the following:

  • Script Prioritization. Automatically prioritizes prescriptions based on the pick-up date/time and on a user-defined priority, eliminating the need to manually adjust priorities. Pharmacy workflow queues will now always be up to date, and list in priority order exactly which prescriptions need to be filled and when.
  • Group-based Filling Support. Enables the processing (fill, verify, bag, and deliver) of all Rxs for a patient/group at the same time rather than individually. This is an option for pharmacies that employ a basket or “bank-teller” approach and who will benefit from performing all of these tasks for an Rx group
  • Patient “Sticky Notes” Comments. Enables the entering of comments at the patient level, which is helpful to staff so they can alert others about patient-specific issues (e.g., issues with insurance, patient requesting a prescription refill that is too soon to fill, etc.). Patient comments are available regardless of which prescription is in process for the patient.
  • HIPAA Data Access. Logs each time staff accesses HIPAA sensitive data, improving audit tracking and compliance for 3rd party audits.
  • Multi Language Paperwork. Supports the printing of patient paperwork in up to 15 different languages using the Meducation® paperwork service.

PharmASSIST Symphony has an ongoing development schedule with releases scheduled quarterly. With each release, Innovation provides full installation support (upon request), along with complete documentation in the form of release notes. To request the latest version of PharmASSIST Symphony and its accompanying Release Notes, contact Innovation Client Services at

Innovation, a leader in the world of automated prescription dispensing and workflow systems, offers the PharmASSIST family of products to address the prescription growth, quality assurance, pharmacy workflow, and cost control challenges of all types of pharmacies. Using PharmASSIST pharmacy automation solutions, pharmacies increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and set new benchmarks for quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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