Canister Replenishment Technology

Our canister replenishment technology stores medication inventory and automatically replenishes dispensers in our Large/Custom high-volume systems. Canisters are typically paired with dispensers used to dispense your highest moving inventory, enabling those dispensers to continually count and dispense without interruption. Automatic canister replenishment saves your staff invaluable time and increases your system’s prescription throughput.

How Canisters Work

Canisters are smart devices (with electronic detectors and non-volatile memory on-board) that come in two sizes, 2 Liter and 0.5 Liter. They only attach to canister-ready dispensers in your robotic and cabinet-based dispensing technology. Operators attach each canister to its matched dispenser by scanning the barcodes on both devices to ensure a perfect NDC match.

Upon attachment, the dispenser directs the canister to release inventory into the dispenser’s hopper (i.e. storage area), making it available for counting. As the dispenser’s inventory is steadily depleted, it will direct the canister to release more inventory, enabling continuous operation. The dispenser will always have product available to dispense, however, the canister will eventually empty and alert your process hub, Symphony, that it needs a replacement canister.

How Canisters Are Prepared

Preparing canisters for placement in your dispensing systems requires a secure room or space at your high-volume site. Your staff will perform all initial filling and ongoing replenishment (i.e., refilling) of canisters using the same high-level quality protocols employed during the replenishment of standard dispensers.

Canister replenishment is the process of filling an empty canister with exactly and only the same product it previously contained. Staff must scan all stock bottles and enter all lot codes into Symphony prior to emptying the stock bottles into a canister. If any potential errors arise, Symphony will not allow the process to proceed.

Immediately after a staff member replenishes a canister, a pharmacist must verify its contents. The system will then apply a secure physical seal. The end result is a filled, verified, sealed, tamper-evident canister ready to be attached to a canister-ready dispenser when called for by the system.