RxCollect Automated Collation

RxCollect™ enables central fill and mail order pharmacy sites to rxcollect01automatically collate all prescriptions filled in vials/bottles for each patient’s order. Once RxCollect completes collation for each order, the system releases the queue of vials/bottles into a single awaiting prescription carrier unit (e.g., a tote), and the tote then moves to its next destination for continued processing.

The stand-alone, robotic collation technology bar code scans all vial/bottle labels at both the collation input area and during collation queuing to ensure that the right vials/bottles are placed in the appropriate patient-assigned totes.

You can add RxCollect to any new high-volume pharmacy design or to any existing high-volume pharmacy system (Innovation or non-Innovation) with minimal disruption of operations.

By employing RxCollect, you streamline your high-volume workflow and increase prescription throughput at your central fill or mail order site.

How RxCollect Works

RxCollect is comprised of a FANUC robotic arm and 50 unique tubular rxcollect02collation queues or lanes, with each collation queue accommodating up to five 60-dram vials/bottles. If a patient’s order exceeds five vials/bottles, RxCollect will assign multiple queues for that collation.

Order collation occurs after prescription filling. As vials/bottles arrive via conveyor at the collation area, RxCollect scans their labels twice; once at input and again prior to placing a vial/bottle into a collation queue. Once RxCollect receives and collates the last item in a patient order, the robotic arm releases the queue of vials/bottles into an awaiting tote, and the tote is then released to its next destination. Each collation queue is equipped with an optical sensor to ensure that all items are released as expected.

If a site uses multiple RxCollect units, the high-volume system will determine the appropriate unit to send each vial/bottle to ensure that a patient’s order is collated correctly and to maintain overall system balancing.