Pharmacy Intelligence Comes of Age

pi blogWhen we first developed and introduced our proprietary Pharmacy Intelligence™ with Binghamton University’s Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE), we encountered a fair amount of skepticism about how the intelligence could “prove out” our complex central fill/mail order prescription fulfillment system designs.

We had tremendous faith in the technology and with our development partners, and forged ahead with several key customers by analyzing and simulating our proposed designs using their pharmacy data, their input on workflow, their physical space, and their operational goals.

As Ellen Enkel states in her insightful article “To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits” in the Harvard Business Review, “In order to understand trust in the relationship between humans and automation, we have to explore trust in two dimensions: trust in the technology and trust in the innovating firm.”

In all our initial “trials,” we impressed our customers with our operational risk assessments, and the accuracy and recommendations of our detailed analysis. We also captivated them with our computer-animated process simulation, by showing them visually how their proposed design would look and work. And we addressed their concerns about future growth by showing them a substantiated path for future expansion.

Our team, along with our WISE counterparts, addressed every question, concern, and doubt our customers had of both the intelligence and of our ability to deliver on what we had just shown them. We had earned their trust to move forward with their high profile projects.

Ellen Enkel sums up this level of trust rather succinctly in her article, “Trust in automation can only evolve from predictability, dependability, and faith. Additionally, trust in the company designing the AI, and the way the way the firm communicates with customers, will influence whether the technology is adopted by customers. Too many high-tech companies wrongly assume that the quality of the technology alone will influence people to use it.”

We firmly believe our Pharmacy Intelligence, after numerous highly successful applications, has both proven itself and earned the trust of the industry. And, we as a company will continue to earn our customers’ trust by being committed to communicating with the utmost transparency and integrity.

Watch how Pharmacy Intelligence works. 






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