To help maximize your limited resources, we provide direct one-on-one collaboration to analyze your current operations environment. Based on our findings, we then gather input from our entire Professional Services team, which includes a pharmacist with more than 35 years experience in all aspects of pharmacy service. Through this collaborative effort, our experienced pharmacy operations professionals will provide you with tangible recommendations to improve your pharmacy operations and to help guide you through any changes.

Medication Error Analysis & Prevention
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – medication error RCA and prevention strategies.
Ancillary Systems Consulting
Analyze ancillary systems alongside core operations applications and processing. Review offerings, measure integration level to the core platform, and analyze the cost to purchase and maintain these systems and services.
IT Analysis & Optimization
Audit your IT to identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend methods and possible IT upgrades and costs to optimize performance.
Resource Requirements (Labor, equipment and consumables (man, machine, and material))
Inventory Management Analysis & Optimization – Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) strategy.
Resource Management – Analyze and recommend staffing mix, roles and responsibilities, and training.
Change Management
Strategies for successful implementation of significant change. Develop staff acknowledgement and desire for the change and help establish a reward system.