Flexible, scalable, and intelligently
guided pick and place solution

Looking to decrease patient wait times, increase your pharmacy’s efficiency, and reduce staff stress? PharmASSIST Light-Way™ is a highly configurable, easy to use, pick and place solution for your will call storage/retrieval, order collation, and inventory control processes.

Using pick-to-light technology, Light-Way guides your staff on where to place and retrieve prescriptions/medication stock at each stage of your pharmacy fulfillment or inventory management processes. Light-Way builds on PharmASSIST Symphony’s Rx Storage and Inventory Manager software-only modules with myriad physical configurations, intelligent pick-to-light technology, and various levels of security. You can also integrate Light-Way with your existing workflow system.

Will Call Management & Order Collation

Highly Efficient Will Call
for Patient Pickup

Light-Way is intuitive and completely flexible for any pharmacy’s will call management. You can customize both the physical setup of the Light-Way cabinetry and the organization of your prescriptions to help you store and retrieve prescriptions with ease.

Guided by Light-Way’s pick-to-light technology, you can immediately locate and retrieve prescriptions (individual  or group) for patient pickup. Light-Way is fully integrated with PharmASSIST Symphony, enabling full use of Symphony’s eSignature, Rx Tracking, and reporting capabilities.

Seamless Order Collation

Collating patient group prescriptions can be cumbersome and take up valuable time. Using Light-Way for order collation streamlines the accurate assembling of group prescriptions prior to packaging.

As with Light-Way’s Will Call functionality, you can customize both the physical setup of the Light-Way cabinetry and the organization of your prescriptions to help you store and retrieve prescriptions for efficient collation. Light-Way’s pick-to-light technology enables you to immediately locate patient prescriptions and collate their orders prior to patient pickup in a retail pharmacy, or packaging and shipping in a central fill/mail order site.

Myriad Storage Options
for Patient Pickup/Order Collation

Light-Way offers multiple options for assembling your prescriptions for either patient pickup or order collation prior to packaging in a retail pharmacy, or order collation prior to packaging and shipping in a central fill/mail order site. You can:

  • Collate multiple prescriptions in the same group into a single cubby/slot.
  • Collate all prescriptions in a group in separate cubbies/slots.
  • Collate multiple groups (separated by bags, baskets, etc.) in a single cubby/slot.

Configurable Light-Way Cabinetry/Light Strips

You can set up and organize Light-Way cabinetry and light strips to best suit your pharmacy’s specific workflow and controlled medication requirements. You can:

  • Attach Light-Way cabinetry to your existing will call/order collation cabinetry.
  • Employ Light-Way’s All-in-One flexible cabinetry.
    –  Provides various slot sizes using removable dividers.
    –  Enables configurable row sizes using removable shelves.
    –  Offers multiple base configuration options.
    –  Provides option to connect multiple cabinets using a single interface or a single network line per cabinet.
    – Provides option for lockable doors with biometric access.
    –  Use any combination of wall mount, desktop, pass-through, locking door cabinets, or unique mount light strip options.
  • Set up Light-Way’s light strips to help distinguish users and tasks/operations.
    – Enable color-coded user access with multiple unique colors.
    – Differentiate tasks/operations using solid or blinking light patterns.

Inventory Control

Streamlined Inventory Management

You can safely speed up your current inventory management process by integrating Light-Way directly with Symphony’s inventory receiving, transfer, and picking operations. You can also expand your inventory management functionality by configuring Light-Way to work with/without non-Light-Way storage locations (e.g., refrigeration).

Configurable “Pick-to-Light” Light Strips

Depending on your physical workflow, you can organize Light-Way hardware any way you want. For example, you can attach light strips to a variety of inventory shelving options; light strips come in a variety of lengths. And you can attach multiple light strips to a single controller for extended use; all controllers operate together for a single point of contact by the host.

Integration With Existing Workflow Systems

If you’re not a Symphony site, you can use our software development kit (SDK) to integrate Light-Way with your existing workflow system and virtually any pick and place operation. The SDK includes a complied configuration module, test application, and documentation on how to integrate Light-Way’s operations within a third-party application.