“Best in class” counting technology
and the industry’s smallest footprint

Looking to take the pressure off your pharmacy staff, increase dispensing capacity, and free up your pharmacists to deliver patient-facing care?

PharmASSIST SmartCabinet automates the counting of your top-moving countable drugs and greatly enhances the quality of your prescription filling process. Highly touted for its reliability, ease of use, and industry-leading small footprint, SmartCabinet helps your pharmacy tackle peak filling periods and repositions your pharmacists as patient care providers.

Plug-n-Play Counting

Command Center

SmartCabinet’s touch-screen serves as your command center for all automated filling, dispenser replenishment, and inventory-related tasks. For “on the fly” filling, you can enter and dispense prescriptions using the touch-screen and built-in bar code scanner. This alternative method enables you to bypass your pharmacy management system and fill a prescription whenever you need to.

High Throughput

With SmartCabinet’s superior uptime, simultaneous counting, and self-calibrating dispensers, you increase prescription throughput and free up your employees to perform staff-appropriate tasks.


As your requirements grow and change, you can easily expand your SmartCabinet system by adding PharmASSIST cabinets (each with 50 dispensers). You can even scale your existing SmartCabinet system to a PharmASSIST Symphony+ system or to PharmASSIST ROBOTx.

Flexible Layouts

SmartCabinet’s small footprint delivers the best dispenser/space ratio in the industry with 50 dispensers (each holding 800 cc of medication) in just 3 square feet. Its modular compact design easily fits into existing pharmacy layouts, minimizing renovations and operational disruption.

Pure Quality

Safety Protocols

SmartCabinet dispensing delivers unmatched counting accuracy, prevents unauthorized access, eliminates cross contamination, and prevents dispensing of expired medications. The PharmASSIST dispenser’s bar code-driven quality protocols for initial assignment, replenishment, and return-to-stock ensure complete accuracy and safety.

The Core Dispenser

The PharmASSIST dispenser is a wholly independent smart device that stores, counts, and dispenses virtually all tablet/capsule medications, all simultaneously. The dispenser self calibrates the counting of virtually all newly added medications, enabling your staff to add new medications to dispensers immediately and spend more time focused on your patients.

Optimize Fulfillment


With SmartCabinet’s report library, you can generate reports ranging from individual dispenser usage to optimizing formulary in your cabinet(s) to system modeling for application at other stores. Armed with this all-important data, you make informed decisions, develop best practices, and increase your profitability.

Data Analysis

SmartCabinet is designed from the ground up with robust data mining capabilities. The system captures and can feed all data to our Pharmacy Intelligence process simulation tool. Your data enables you to continually analyze system and operator performance and gain valuable insight into your pharmacy’s efficiency and SmartCabinet utilization.