Precision counting scale to replace your counting tray and spatula

The precise, easy-to-use PharmASSIST SmartScale adds the key ingredients of quality, versatility, and efficiency to your pharmacy’s workflow. SmartScale provides a fast, accurate filling option that you can use with PharmASSIST Symphony.

Smart Weight-based Counting

SmartScale is NTEP Class II certified for all prescription counting and weighing in pharmacies. To ensure accuracy, the scale employs a proprietary advanced pill counting algorithm (APA), which automatically adjusts for production lot pill weight. It also auto-calibrates at startup, pre-set time intervals, or whenever required by temperature changes.

During filling, SmartScale flawlessly guides you through every step and displays Remaining to Fill messages and deviation warnings if it detects a potential discrepancy between the stored piece weight and the average piece weight of the drug to be counted. The scale verifies all fills by matching the bar code scans of the stock bottle NDC and the prescription label NDC.

SmartScale’s pill weights are centrally stored in the PharmASSIST database, enabling an unlimited number of values to be stored. Pill weight updates are readily available from Innovation.

High Quality and Intuitive

SmartScale is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. The scale comes with a high performance single-line bar code scanner. Its user friendly and intuitive graphical LCD displays full text and graphics to guide you through every filling step and to alert you of any potential filling issues or piece weight discrepancies.

SmartScale’s sealed keyboard is protected from spills, dust, and general wear and tear, and its navigation keys guide you through all function menus and configuration procedures. You can also connect an external keyboard via its PS/2 port.

Workflow with Symphony

SmartScale seamlessly integrates with our PharmASSIST Symphony systems, enabling you to further enhance your quality initiatives and increase your workflow efficiency. SmartScale can serve as your main manual filling station for countable medications, or can augment your existing manual filling station with low-cost counting technology. In either scenario, you provide your team with a high quality counting technology that helps your pharmacy get through those stressful crunch times.