Building on your Symphony platform with next-generation counting technology

And then there’s “The Plus.”

PharmASSIST Symphony+ combines the precision and power of our counting technology with the versatility of our Symphony workflow and operations management platform. As a result you experience an immediate increase in dispensing capacity, add another level of quality control, and further your goals of freeing up staff to deliver patient-facing services and optimize patient outcomes.

The Plus – Adding Our Counting Technology

Safety Protocols

Symphony+ enjoys all the quality control attributes of Symphony and more. The PharmASSIST dispenser delivers unmatched counting accuracy, prevents unauthorized access, eliminates cross contamination, and prevents dispensing of expired medications. The dispenser’s bar code-driven quality protocols for initial assignment, replenishment, and return-to-stock ensure complete accuracy and safety.

The Core Dispenser

The PharmASSIST dispenser is a wholly independent smart device that stores, counts, and dispenses virtually all tablet/capsule medications, all simultaneously. The dispenser self calibrates the counting of virtually all newly added medications, enabling your staff to add new medications to dispensers immediately and spend more time focused on your patients.


Symphony+ offers a true technology growth path by enabling you to add PharmASSIST cabinets (each with 50 dispensers) to address your growing volumes and changing workflow requirements. You can even scale your existing Symphony+ system to PharmASSIST ROBOTx.

Flexible Layouts

The PharmASSIST cabinet’s small footprint delivers the best dispenser/space ratio in the industry with 50 dispensers (each holding 800 cc of medication) in just 3 square feet. The cabinet’s modular compact design easily fits into existing pharmacy layouts, minimizing renovations and operational disruption.