The premier workflow and operations management platform for any type of pharmacy

Comprehensive. Efficient. Transparent. Precise. Reliable.
That’s PharmASSIST Symphony in a nutshell. Well, kind of… there’s much more.

Symphony serves as the hub that drives your entire prescription fulfillment process and delivers those prescriptions to your patients. And with Symphony as your operations control center, your staff experiences less stress and gains more time to deliver patient-facing services and optimize patient outcomes. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

End-to-End Workflow


Symphony workstations establish quality checkpoints throughout your workflow. Each workstation employs bar code scanning, digital imagery of medications and original prescriptions, and tutorial-like protocols to walk you through every step.

Will Call

You can customize the organization of your Will Call area and assign prescriptions to specific locations for fast and easy retrieval. This timesaving step enables you to immediately determine a prescription’s location. With Symphony’s Will Call module, you don’t need yet another capital investment for a will call-specific system.


Symphony tracks virtually every event in the system (operator, application, and hardware-related), and can provide customer-specific dashboards that display real-time status throughout your environment. You’ll have full visibility into your site’s daily activity,helping you tightly manage and optimize the performance of your high volume system and staff.

Patient Pickup

Symphony’s eSignature pad and HIPAA-compliant notification display help reduce patient wait times and prepare you for insurance audits. Both devices are completely configurable so you can display your pharmacy-specific declarations, name conventions, and messages.

Safety Protocols

Enhancing patient safety is at the top of everybody’s list of goals. Symphony’s unparalleled quality control minimizes opportunity for error, provides full accountability, and instills an air of confidence in your pharmacy.

Rx Tracking

Frustrated by the constant interruptions and the lost productivity caused by looking for lost prescriptions? Symphony’s comprehensive Rx Tracking enables you to track every prescription’s status and location. You can also view a real-time scoreboard of your entire prescription workload, enabling you to pinpoint the status and location of any prescription at any time, including any that are in “problem” states.

Inventory Management

If your pharmacy is still manually verifying your inventory, it’s time to take a hard look at your overall process. Simply stated, you can save lots of time and money by automating your inventory management.

Symphony Inventory Manager is a stand-alone application (fully integrated add-on to your existing system) that helps you take control of your inventory, reduces on-hand and expired stock, increases turns, and saves you valuable dollars.

With Inventory Manager, you can track all your medication inventory values and movement throughout your pharmacy, even when its residing in filled prescriptions, which may be in process or stored in will call awaiting pickup. You can also report on actual and target inventories so you can easily reorder and minimize on-hand stock.


Standard Library

With Symphony’s report library, you can generate reports ranging from tracking patient wait times to analyzing manual filling cycle times to optimizing formulary in your automation. In short, Symphony’s wide-ranging library arms you with invaluable data that helps you make informed decisions, develop best practices, and increase your profitability.

Custom Reports

You can change Symphony report criteria to capture other data items, track your workflow’s nuances, and create different formats. If you have more specific requirements, our Professional Services team can work with you to develop customized reports for your pharmacy.

Data Analysis

Symphony is designed from the ground up with robust data mining capabilities, and can capture and feed all data to our Pharmacy Intelligence process simulation tool. Your data enables you to continually analyze system and operator performance and gain valuable insight into your pharmacy’s workflow efficiency.