Inventory Manager

There’s no greater challenge for pharmacies than maintaining accurate inventory. Despite the many advances in pharmacy management and automated dispensing systems, numerous pharmacies still manually verify their inventory.

Using Inventory Manager, you can:

Maintain Perpetual Inventory Control
  • Track all physical shelf stock.
  • Track the receiving of back and forward stock in their respective areas.
  • Track all inventory used during dispenser replenishment, residing in dispensers, and in orders dispensed, shipped, and returned to stock.
Manage Product Inventory
  • View general product attributes and product inventory levels.
  • Adjust product inventory levels.
  • Manage all inventory lot codes.
  • Substitute generics during the manual order filling process.
Manage Suppliers
  • Maintain an in-depth supplier database.
  • Create purchase orders to be either printed or faxed.
Allocate Inventory to Automation
  • Track inventory in all types of automation, and assigning orders to automation with sufficient inventory to fill orders.