Quality Protocols

Enhancing patient safety is at the top of everybody’s list of goals… including ours. Designed from the ground up with quality in mind, our Symphony systems deliver unparalleled quality control at every step of the prescription fulfillment process. By providing quality checkpoints throughout your entire workflow, Symphony enables you to minimize the opportunity for error and to instill an air of confidence throughout your pharmacy.

Symphony Systems All-Encompassing Quality
  • Bar code-driven quality protocols ensure accuracy in dispensing, verification, will call bin management, patient pickup, dispenser replenishment, return-to-stock, and inventory control.
  • Rx Imaging of original patient script creates paperless workflow, reduces clutter, and enables the viewing of script image at any time in your workflow.
  • Comprehensive drug image database ensures visual validation during manual filling, verification, and prescription tracking activity.
  • Verification process displays images of original patient script and dispensed drug, providing visual quality check before delivering to patient.
  • Built-in timeouts force operators to start tasks over if they exceed time thresholds for achieving specific tasks.
  • Data mining and reporting captures everything from mis-scans to tamper detection to operator performance, enabling continuous quality improvement and best practices.
  • Electronic tracking of medication lot codes and expiration dates enables comprehensive medication lot management throughout your pharmacy.
  • Audit reports, with all required Rx information, prepare you for that inevitable pharmacy audit. This key data protects you from potential fines and gives you complete peace of mind.
For Symphony+ Systems
  • Intelligent dispensers prevent cross contamination by not allowing the reassignment of a specific dispenser to a particular class of drug that could result in cross contamination.
  • Dispensers’ secure internal buffers store dispensed medications until appropriate bar code scanning triggers computer-controlled release.
  • Dispensers have locked hopper doors and tamper detection.
  • Flashing light on front of dispenser visually cues and directs operators during auto-filling, dispenser replenishment, and NDC assignment tasks.