Rx Tracking

Are you frustrated by the constant interruptions and the lost productivity caused by your staff looking for lost prescriptions? Look no further… with Symphony’s end-to-end Rx tracking, you can pinpoint the status and exact location of any prescription at any time.

By simply entering a patient’s name in Symphony, you can view the patient’s complete prescription details, whether it’s one or multiple prescriptions, including:

  • The last task performed on a prescription.
  • The workstation on which the last task was performed.
  • The operator who performed each task.
  • The system status assigned to the prescription.

Using Symphony’s Rx Status Quick Lists, you can view a dynamic scoreboard of your entire workload of prescriptions and their individual statuses, including Rxs in problem states. Through this real-time view of your world, you can quickly identify and troubleshoot any prescription.

Tracking Refills Through Your IVR

If you’re using Symphony with your IVR system, you can streamline your refill process and start your pharmacy ahead each day. Each morning Symphony will automatically time stamp, sort, and assign the appropriate status to all refill requests.

Symphony sorts based on whether requests are fill-able or not, and have any outstanding issues such as needing a physician’s authorization or requiring pharmacist discretion. If prescriptions are fill-able and their medications reside in the Symphony+ counting technology, they will all be auto-counted and simply need to be retrieved. For those prescriptions needing physician authorization, Symphony’s Fax to Doctor feature automatically faxes authorization requests to each physician’s office, freeing up your staff from making tedious phone calls

Tracking Prescriptions Outside the Pharmacy and to Multiple Sites

Symphony’s Rx Tracking reach also extends outside of the pharmacy. You can track prescriptions in a central fill environment, which fills and routes prescriptions to multiple participant pharmacies that also running Symphony. You can also track prescriptions for your long-term care business or your home delivery service.

Using Symphony Rx Tracking in any of these scenarios, you can review the status, notes, and history of all patient prescriptions. In a central fill environment, you can use any Symphony workstation at any site to access this information. For pharmacies delivering to offsite facilities and to patients’ homes that don’t have Symphony workstations, you can generate a delivery log and identify each person (e.g., driver) who handles each prescription. This enables you to know which delivery vehicle a prescription is on and when and where it was delivered.

Symphony also offers Remote Tracker, a standalone app that provides Rx Tracking functionality without installing the full Symphony package. Remote Tracker is ideal for management and call centers, enabling the viewing of prescription status at multiple Symphony sites without changing configuration settings. Remote Tracker does not require additional hardware.