Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Clinic Transforms Prescription Fulfillment Process With Innovation’s PharmASSIST Symphony

Innovation, makers of PharmASSIST® pharmacy automation solutions, today announced that Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Clinic in Redding, California has successfully implemented the company’s PharmASSIST Symphony® workflow management system to automate their prescription fulfillment process. Redding Rancheria’s goals for deploying the workflow system were to enhance patient safety, remodel internal processes and staff member roles, implement extensive quality reporting, significantly reduce patient wait times, and improve the overall pharmaceutical care available.

“PharmASSIST Symphony has redefined everything we do from the ground up. The system’s intuitive features have helped us to simplify existing processes, realize additional efficiencies, and reduce our pharmacy workload significantly. On day one of our implementation, our staff palpably felt a 30% reduction in stress, handling the same Rx volume using Symphony,” said Dr. Terry Lerma, Pharm D, pharmacy director, Redding Rancheria Indian Health Clinic. “We used to have duplicative staff roles, poor workflow and extensive wait times, which resulted in an unsatisfactory patient experience. With Symphony at the helm, we have freed up pharmacist and technician time, enabling us to develop and offer new clinical services and extensive patient consultations. Overall, Symphony has enabled us to transform the entire pharmacy with clarity, precision, and accountability, and our average patient wait time is now only 8-10 minutes.”

Redding Rancheria fills on average 300 prescriptions per day. “Due to our prescription mix, it’s critical that Symphony handles prescription grouping so efficiently and it’s particularly important at patient pick-up when staff has to gather all the prescriptions for a specific patient,” said Dr. Lerma. “The combination of Innovation’s Patient Notification Display and Symphony’s Will Call and e-Signature Capture modules has really streamlined the pick-up process, helping us cut our wait times and improve the customer experience.”

The clinic’s PharmASSIST Symphony system currently integrates with their QS/1 pharmacy management system for real-time prescription order flow and Ateb’s Pharmacy Line™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for refill management. Dr. Lerma said they plan to install a PharmASSIST ROBOTx® system later this year to complement their existing technologies.

With the transformation of Redding Rancheria clinic’s fulfillment process, Dr. Lerma said his team is sharing their ideas, and technology/process model with other California Indian Health Care facilities. “Our pharmacy has certainly distinguished itself this year within the Northern California Medical community because of Symphony. This is by far the best decision we ‘ve made in an effort to enhance the pharmaceutical care for our patient population, and we believe other health care facilities can certainly benefit from our experience,” said Dr. Lerma.

Innovation, a leader in the world of automated prescription dispensing and workflow systems, offers the PharmASSIST family of products to address the prescription growth, quality assurance, pharmacy workflow, and cost control challenges of all types of pharmacies. Using PharmASSIST pharmacy automation solutions, pharmacies increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and set new benchmarks for quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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