To help you get the most out of your Innovation products and other pharmacy systems, we provide expert product/system-specific consulting. Whether you need to revisit and understand the ramifications of Symphony’s configuration settings or streamline the triage of problem prescriptions, our seasoned team can help you maximize the value of your technologies. Our unparalleled product knowledge combined with our keen understanding of your operation and industry is just what you need to take your systems to the next level.

System Configuration Analysis & Optimization
Ensure your Symphony system is optimally configured for your workflow and technical environment. Discuss your process objectives, analyze your workflow and operation, perform a detailed gap analysis, and implement an action plan.
Time study – Understanding of where to target efficiencies.
Product/System-specific Training
Patient/practice/business focused – Ensure initial staff is fully competent and new hires have resources for training.
Resource Requirements
Labor, equipment and consumables (man, machine and material) – Provides detail to standing up, or implanting major changes, to operations.