Introductory high volume system for
Central Fill and Mail Order sites

Our Quick Start system is a cost-effective, starting point design for small to mid-sized central fill/mail order sites. With Quick Start, you can get started rapidly with centralized automated filling while meeting your stated requirements at the lowest cost.

Quick Start Guide
Prescription Volume Rang
500–6,000 Rxs/8-hour Shift

Typical Pharmacy Types

  • Independent pharmacy with multiple stores
  • Small retail chain
  • Small to mid-size hospital with multiple outpatient pharmacy sites
  • Federal health care pharmacy serving multiple sites
  • Mail order/closed-door pharmacy

Laying a Foundation for High Volume Growth


Your Quick Start system employs standard retail equipment, eliminating lead times and cost associated with custom development. A typical configuration includes PharmASSIST Symphony as your hub, Symphony workstations for your standard workflow tasks, and some form of automation (e.g., PharmASSIST SmartScale). You can even use your own existing automation, simply redeployed.

Flexible Designs

We’ll work with you to design the workflow and layout that meets your operational, technology, and physical space requirements, and optimizes system and staff performance. As part of the initial design, we build in the phased-in addition of a tote conveying system with RFID tracking.

Small Footprint

Quick Start systems are designed to fit into space-constrained areas or smaller facilities, and offer one of the smallest footprints and highest Rxs filled per square foot ratio in the industry.

Command Center

PharmASSIST Symphony for High Volume serves as the operations control center for your Quick Start system. Symphony tracks virtually every event in the system, and can include a customer-specific dashboard that provides real-time status and full visibility into your site’s daily activity. Symphony’s information management and reporting tools help you tightly manage and optimize the performance of your system and staff on an ongoing basis.

Internal Imaging

During manual filling, with or without a SmartScale, you can employ a USB camera to take an image of each vial’s contents and store the image for use at the verification workstation. The system also offers a remote PV2 option for verification to help reduce the number of pharmacists needed on site.


You can seamlessly scale your Quick Start system by adding technology and conveying. Your initial investment is guaranteed as you scale all of your Quick Start components – software, workstations, automation, conveying – to the next levels of our High Volume Solutions.

Pure Quality

Safety Protocols

PharmASSIST dispensing delivers unmatched counting accuracy, prevents unauthorized access, eliminates cross contamination, and prevents dispensing of expired medications. The PharmASSIST dispenser’s bar code-driven quality protocols for initial assignment, replenishment, and return-to-stock ensure complete accuracy and safety.

The Core Dispenser

The PharmASSIST dispenser is a wholly independent smart device that stores, counts, and dispenses virtually all tablet/capsule medications, all simultaneously. The dispenser self calibrates the counting of virtually all newly added medications, enabling your staff to add new medications to dispensers immediately and spend more time focused on your patients.

Pharmacy Intelligence

Want real answers before you invest? Our Pharmacy Intelligence assesses your operational risks, optimizes your system design and processes, and accurately forecasts your results. You don’t incur the costs of implementing and then changing a live production system, which saves you invaluable time and resources and gives you complete confidence in your system design, growth path, and automation decisions.

System Views