Receiving timely, professional customer services is critical to the success of your pharmacy automation. Innovation’s Client Services team works diligently to resolve any issues you encounter and to keep your pharmacy and your automation running smoothly.

Innovation Help Desk

Available 24/7/365
877.742.7627 (Toll Free)

Help Desk

One of the keys to a successful organization is its ability to support its clients in time of need. That’s why our Help Desk is a 24/7/365 organization. We understand that downtime can be disruptive to your business and our experienced Help Desk representatives and Technical Support Service Engineers (TSSEs) will assist you in diagnosing issues and provide answers in a timely fashion.

Service Calls

If you have issues with your Innovation system, our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) are at the ready to resolve any problems and minimize downtime. FSEs produce electronic service call reports for all service calls, and review the report and services provided with you to ensure your agreement and approval. They also email the report to you for your records, and send the report to team management for review. The reports are stored and become track-able within our knowledge base.


The unveiling of your new technology is always an exciting time. Our FSEs install, test, train, and bring your system live as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team fully understands the hectic pace of a pharmacy and makes every effort to minimize disruptions to your operation. Prior to your installation, our FSEs perform a complete system analysis of your current workflow and proposed system setup, and evaluate how to best improve overall efficiency and system effectiveness. The successful and timely completion of each of these key tasks is vital to keeping your project plan on schedule:

  • Site Preparation Requirements

    Determine requirements such as physical placement of your new pharmacy automation equipment and peripherals, physical and process adjustments to your workflow, and network and electrical access.

  • System Interfaces

    Implement the interface between Innovation’s products and your pharmacy management system, and ensure appropriate integration with other pharmacy technologies your workflow requires (e.g., IVR software, inventory systems, etc.).

  • Drug Plan-o-gram/Dispenser Assignment

    Identify and confirm your drug plan-o-gram to be placed in Innovation’s counting technology and robotic dispensing systems.

Training & Go-Live

Once your system is operational, we provide comprehensive, hands-on, end-user training to your entire team, and system administration-level training to appropriate members of your team. We also provide on-site, Go-Live support to give you the peace of mind that a highly qualified Innovation representative is at your side to answer all your questions and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Customer Services Bulletins

Our Customer Service Bulletins provide important and often, time sensitive information, that educate you about a variety of service-related subjects, such as: Innovation equipment maintenance, safety issues, policies and procedures, warranty adherence, and so on.

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