90th Street Pharmacy • Manhattan, New York

90th Street Pharmacy has a rich history of serving Manhattan’s Upper East Side since 1890. The 116-year old pharmacy is tiny by today’s standards – only 1100 square feet for the entire store – and still has much of the original wood and glass cabinetry and fixtures.


“With my entire store having only around 1100 square feet of space, one of the key factors to me was PharmASSIST’s small footprint. We installed the two cabinets with 98 dispensers in 56 inches of wall space,” says Chris Bassolino, owner of 90th Street Pharmacy.

“We also wanted to enhance the quality and speed of our prescription dispensing process to free up our staff to provide patient counseling and to better service our customers.”

Rx Volume:

90th Street Pharmacy fills approximately 250 prescriptions a day with volumes reaching 350 on peak days.


The independent’s SmartCabinet System is comprised of the SmartCabinet (48 dispensers) and a Standard Cabinet (50 dispensers), for a total of 98 dispensers.


Since installing the system, 90th Street Pharmacy has improved its dispensing accuracy and speed and its staff has been able to spend much more time with customers. “Using PharmASSIST, I feel much safer and in much better control of our entire process,” says Bassolino. “We no longer have to retrieve and put away so many stock bottles from manual filling, which is a real timesaver. And our techs now handle much of the automated filling while our pharmacists counsel patients and focus on other aspects of the business.”