Channahon Ranch Pharmacy • Channahon, Illinois

Channahon Ranch Pharmacy is located in the Chicago suburb of Channahon, Illinois. Faced with the challenges of continually rising prescription volumes, an ongoing shortage of pharmacists, and a highly stressful work environment, Channahon Ranch proactively sought out a pharmacy automation solution.


“I looked at the various prescription dispensing systems on the market and Innovation had what I considered the best quality features and the smallest footprint out of all the systems currently available,” says Lou Kaducak, owner of Channahon Ranch Pharmacy.

“In general, we had been stressed out in trying to keep up with our workload, and I was looking to make things easier on my staff and to make it enjoyable to come to work every day.”

Rx Volume:

Channahon Ranch Pharmacy dispenses an average of 1500 prescriptions a week.


Channahon Ranch Pharmacy employs a 2-cabinet, 98 dispenser PharmASSIST SmartCabinet System. The system is also fully integrated with the store’s McKesson Pharmacy System, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“Using PharmASSIST, we’ve never had a mistake made in my pharmacy. This system has enhanced our quality, reduced our stress level and clutter, and enabled us to spend more time with our patients,” says Kaducak. “Our 2-cabinet system is just the right amount of automation for our volumes and my staff, which is typically 2 operators even in peak periods. I like that about Innovation; they look at your workload and provide you with just the right configuration. They don’t try and oversell their automation.”