Corner Drug Store • Baraboo, Wisconsin

Corner Drug Store is an independent pharmacy located in Baraboo, WI. In addition to their core pharmacy business, Corner Drug Store fills prescriptions for numerous long-term care (LTC) facilities, sells medical and hospital equipment, and has a gift shop.


The pharmacy originally selected the PharmASSIST Symphony+ system to address its primary goals of:

  • Handling increased Rx volume without adding new staff.
  • Adding flexibility and reliability to their pharmacy workflow.
  • Enhancing patient safety.

After three years of success, co-owner and manager Paul Fritsch defined a new set of goals, including:

  • Expanding the pharmacy’s automation to help address their ongoing prescription growth and LTC business.
  • Further increasing workflow efficiency and prescription throughput.

To tackle these goals, the pharmacy migrated from their Symphony+ system to PharmASSIST ROBOTx with Symphony workflow.

Rx Volume:

Corner Drug Store’s “open door” pharmacy fills on average 300 prescriptions daily with peaks reaching as high as 500 prescriptions a day. The store’s LTC area fills on average 120 prescriptions daily for approximately 300 beds.


The pharmacy employs a PharmASSIST ROBOTx System comprised of 140 dispensers and eight workstations. Originally, the pharmacy implemented a 2-cabinet, 100 dispenser Symphony+ system with five workstations. The PharmASSIST systems seamlessly integrate with Corner Drug’s pharmacy management system, Lake Country Systems, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“From a benefits standpoint, I couldn’t ask for more. The system has helped us better organize our workflow, enabled us to track prescriptions throughout the entire process, and improved the speed and accuracy of our filling and verification steps. All of this has resulted in a major time savings and freed up our entire staff to spend time completing more meaningful tasks.”

Labor Savings:

Over the course of their initial search for, and implementation of automation, Corner Drug has not had to replace their loss of a full-time pharmacist and two full-time technicians, a labor savings of three full-time employees. Additionally, they have not had to hire a tech to work in the LTC area.

Reallocate Pharmacy Resources:

Corner Drug has redeployed all levels of pharmacy staff. Prior to automation, their staff completed repetitive fulfillment tasks and higher paying roles would often perform tasks that were not cost effective. Since implementing automation, they are now performing more meaningful and cost-appropriate tasks.

Technology Growth Path:

The pharmacy expanded their technology when their requirements changed and the time was right for them. Corner Drug was able to roll their initial investment in PharmASSIST cabinets/dispensers and Symphony workflow software into their PharmASSIST ROBOTx investment.

Enhanced Quality & Efficiency:

After experiencing the quality and efficiency results in the “open door” pharmacy, Corner Drug expanded the Symphony workflow to address the LTC fulfillment process. In just a few months, the LTC area has seen a marked improvement in both accuracy and efficiency.

Increased Throughput

The pharmacy has increased throughput approximately 20% in the “open door” pharmacy and almost 60% in the LTC area.