Jeff’s Prescription Shop • Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Serving Elizabethtown since 1954, Jeff’s Prescription Shop has a long history of innovation. The pharmacy opened one of the first drive-through windows in Kentucky in 1960; installed the first pharmacy computer system in the Elizabethtown area in 1980; was the first independent pharmacy to offer a full-scale herbal selection in 1997; and was the first independent pharmacy to offer prescription refills and medication Q&A email service over the Internet in 1999.


To enhance the quality and speed of their prescription dispensing process, and to free up their pharmacy staff to provide more in-depth patient counseling.

Rx Volume:

Jeff’s Prescription Shop dispenses an average of 350 prescriptions a day with peak days reaching over 500.


A single PharmASSIST SmartCabinet with 48 dispensers.


“I looked at several dispensing systems and really liked PharmASSIST’s compact size, quality control, on-site drug changeovers, and cross contamination prevention features. The system’s simultaneous counting has also been invaluable especially during our peak periods,” says Brad Mills, owner of Jeff’s Prescription Shop. “My staff is extremely pleased with the system. We’ve been amazed at how easy it is to learn and to use. It’s enabled us to carry out our mission statement of providing fast, accurate, and professional service to our customers.”

“Our workflow had three separate checkpoints to ensure the accuracy of our dispensing. This took time and often caused bottlenecks to occur,” comments Mills. “SmartCabinet’s proven accuracy and speed alleviates those bottlenecks and frees up our pharmacists to talk to patients about their medications. It’s also helped to reduce customer wait times, which contributes to our ongoing commitment to providing first-class personalized service to our customers.”