Lo Cost Pharmacy • Savannah, Georgia

Lo Cost Pharmacy has been a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy for almost three decades. The pharmacy offers complete traditional retail pharmacy services and specializes in providing services to personal care homes and assisted living facilities.


Lo Cost Pharmacy performed a thorough evaluation of the industry’s robotic dispensing systems before opting for Innovation’s automated dispensing and workflow management technology to address its key goals of enhancing efficiency and accuracy, and increasing Rx throughput.

“With the PharmASSIST system’s station-to-station barcode scanning and quality protocols, we have a lot more comfort with our filling accuracy than we ever have before,” says Craig Cocke, co-owner of Lo Cost Pharmacy.

“In addition, the system’s ability to simultaneously count multiple prescriptions has helped us keep up with our volumes, especially during our peaks when we fill over 1000 prescriptions a day.”

Rx Volume:

Lo Cost Pharmacy fills on average 650 Rxs per day and has peak periods that reach upwards to 1200 Rxs daily.


Lo Cost Pharmacy employs a PharmASSIST Symphony+ System comprised of 4 PharmASSIST cabinets, 200 dispensers, and numerous workstations for Order Entry/Rx Imaging, Auto-Fill, Manual-Fill, and Rx Verification. The system is integrated with their QS/1 pharmacy management system, Systems, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“Our system is broken up into two pods, each with two cabinets filled with our top-moving 100 medications in each, and an Auto-Fill station,” say Cocke. “Each pod is manned by pharmacist/technician teams to process Rxs from order entry to patient pickup. After only a few months, we’re filling almost 40% of our total volume using the automated counting, and we’ll continue to optimize our processes using Innovation’s flexible workflow management system.”