McCracken’s Pharmacy • Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

As a mainstay in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania for over four decades, McCracken’s Pharmacy has been a faithful servant to a community that has consistently looked to them for quality prescription service and dependable therapeutic advice. McCracken’s long-term success has been built on old-fashioned personalized service and a home-like atmosphere in which their customers have placed their trust in the hands of the McCracken’s staff.


“First and foremost, I needed to bring order to our dispensing process. I felt I had fairly good control over the process when I was here; however, when I wasn’t here, I didn’t feel it was as organized and that concerned me. I needed a system that could help to control the chaos and to manage the process when I wasn’t here,” says Jeff McCracken, owner of McCracken Pharmacy.

“I wanted a system that did more than just count pills. PharmASSIST ensures that every prescription in our store goes through a complete quality protocol that includes Rx imaging, bar code scanning, and Rx verification. The Rx Imaging feature was one of the keys to my decision.”

Rx Volume:

McCracken’s Pharmacy dispenses an average of 2200 prescriptions a week.


McCracken implemented a PharmASSIST Symphony+ System comprised of 3 cabinets, 150 dispensers, and 5 workstations. The PharmASSIST system is fully integrated with their QS/1 pharmacy management system, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


Since installing the PharmASSIST technology and redefining their workflow, McCracken’s has dramatically improved their efficiency, eliminated dispensing errors, and reaped the benefits of a happier and less stressed staff.

“The system’s simultaneous counting makes a huge difference, especially in the mornings when you first come in and the system literally counts 15 to 20 different prescriptions at the same time,” says McCracken. “When I began looking for a system, I certainly wanted a device that would automatically count my pills, but I really didn’t think the system’s automatic counting would speed up our dispensing time. After experiencing PharmASSIST’s ability to count ahead and to count simultaneously, I realized that it definitely makes a difference and is a great timesaver. That’s been a nice added benefit of PharmASSIST.”