National Direct Home Pharmacy • Irmo, South Carolina

National Direct Home Pharmacy, a South Carolina-based mail order pharmacy and diabetic supply firm, provides direct mail delivery of prescription medications and drugs to patients throughout the United States, with a specific emphasis on Medicaid, Medicare, indigent, and homeless populations.


“With our surge in prescription volume over the past year, especially with Medicare 340B, we identified a number of areas that we needed to address through the use of automated dispensing technology,” said Duane Everett, executive director of support services, National Direct Home Pharmacy.

“Our top priorities were to increase dispensing capacity without increasing our staff, to become more production efficient, to minimize errors and reduce liability, and to increase our overall profitability Using Innovation’s scalable technology, we’re seeing immediate results and are well on our way to achieving these goals.”

Rx Volume:

Prior to implementing automation, National Direct was filling on average 350-400 prescriptions per day. The pharmacy is now filling approximately 450-500 daily with peak days reaching as high as 700 prescriptions.


National Direct’s PharmASSIST Symphony+ System is comprised of 2 PharmASSIST cabinet, 100 dispensers, and 5 workstations. The PharmASSIST system is integrated with their QS/1 pharmacy management system, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“Our increased capacity is not only helping our business thrive, it has made our business more attractive to larger PBMs and HMOs,” comments Everett. “On the efficiency side, we’ve made great strides and our staff now has much more time to speak with plan providers and practitioners, and to provide pharmaceutical counseling to prescription recipients.”