Quinlan Pharmacy • Wayland, New York

After evaluating how robotics could help address their customer service initiatives, Quinlan Pharmacy instead decided to purchase Innovation’s scalable PharmASSIST workflow management and automated dispensing system. The pharmacy’s main goals were to improve their overall customer service by improving dispensing accuracy, implementing comprehensive prescription tracking, and decreasing customer wait times.

Rx Volume:

Quinlan Pharmacy fills approximately 350-400 prescriptions a day and has peak periods that reach 550-600 prescriptions daily.


The independent’s PharmASSIST Symphony+ System is comprised of 1 PharmASSIST cabinet, 50 dispensers, and 4 workstations. The PharmASSIST system is integrated with their PC1 pharmacy management system, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“To try and differentiate our business from other pharmacies in our area, we needed to upgrade our customer service in various areas,” says John Quinlan of Quinlan Pharmacy. “To do this, we added much needed structure and quality control to our workflow, and use PharmASSIST to track all our prescriptions through every step of the process. We strongly considered robotics but this system offers much more from the workflow standpoint, and we can always upgrade with additional dispensing units because of PharmASSIST’s scalability.”

“Another key benefit of the system is that it will enable us to keep our staffing level the same even with our expected volume increases. Our plan is to evaluate our growth over time and look at adding more automation when it makes sense,” comments Quinlan. “I like that about Innovation, they evaluated our current and expected volumes, our staffing, and our process, and recommended going smaller initially with the idea of scaling up later. They didn’t try and oversell us on what we needed.”