Scott & White Health Plan • Temple, Texas

Scott & White has been serving the healthcare needs of Central Texans and others from all around the U.S. and world for over 100 years. Scott & White Health Plan is a not-for-profit, state-certified Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and is a nationally recognized leader in providing quality healthcare by focusing on prevention, early intervention, wellness and disease management.


Scott & White’s goals for automation were to enhance patient medication safety and customer service, and to increase efficiency without adding new staff.

“With our six pharmacies’ daily prescription volumes varying from 175 to over 1400 during peak periods, we wanted a single technology platform that you could start at any volume level, with any combination of workflow components,” says Bob Schoppa, pharmacy operations manager at Scott & White.

“We carefully evaluated our pharmacies’ requirements and the various systems available. PharmASSIST offers the total workflow package and has the flexibility so we can easily scale up as the pharmacies’ volumes rise.” Schoppa adds, “PharmASSIST’s pricing was a great side bonus and the system’s small footprint enabled us to avoid major renovations.”

Rx Volume:

Scott & White’s six pharmacies’ daily prescription volumes vary from 175 to over 1400 during peak periods.


Scott & White’s pharmacies have various PharmASSIST configurations with systems ranging from a stand-alone Symphony software application to 1 PharmASSIST cabinet (50 dispensers) and 6 workstations to 2 cabinets (100 dispensers) and 7 workstations. In the highest volume pharmacy, they have integrated Symphony workflow management and 16 overall workstations with an existing robotic system. The HMO employs NDC Health’s Zadall as their pharmacy management system. The PharmASSIST system is fully integrated with Zadall, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“We see workflow as the real key to helping us achieve our goals. PharmASSIST added a level of organization, quality, and accountability to our workflow that has greatly improved our prescription tracking, reduced medication picking errors to zero, decreased staff stress, and created a peaceful work environment,” says Schoppa. “I also believe our PharmASSIST systems give us a competitive edge from a professional employment standpoint and help us retain our staff, which is a significant issue with the industry’s pharmacist shortage.”like that about Innovation, they evaluated our current and expected volumes, our staffing, and our process, and recommended going smaller initially with the idea of scaling up later. They didn’t try and oversell us on what we needed.”