Staats Pharmacy • Spencer, West Virginia

Staats Pharmacy has served the Spencer, West Virginia community since 1940. Owner John Corkrean began working at the pharmacy in 1978 and became president/owner in 1989. Staats Pharmacy offers numerous services ranging from its Diabetes Care Center to cholesterol and osteoporosis screening to home medical sales and rental.


Staats Pharmacy evaluated all leading pharmacy automation systems and selected PharmASSIST based on its comprehensive workflow management, Rx tracking, and quality control capabilities. The independent’s goals in deploying the automation were to increase workflow efficiency, enhance dispensing quality, and free up their pharmacists to spend more time performing disease state management.

“We’ve always been prideful of our customer service, and with our increasing prescription volumes, I knew we needed to implement technology to help us maintain our high level of service,” says John Corkrean, RPh and president/owner of Staats Pharmacy.

Rx Volume:

Staats Pharmacy fills on average 250 prescriptions per day and has peak days of approximately 400-500 prescriptions.


The independent’s PharmASSIST Symphony+ System is comprised of 1 PharmASSIST cabinet, 50 dispensers, and 5 workstations. The PharmASSIST system is integrated with their Renlar pharmacy management system, ensuring real-time prescription order flow for all Rx fulfillment tasks.


“Our PharmASSIST system has maximized the efficiency of our entire workflow, automated our manual refill processing procedure, and provided the many checks and balances necessary to ensure the accuracy of all our dispensing,” says Corkrean.

“Prior to using PharmASSIST our people used to float around more. Now our staff is dedicated to working at a station and performing specific tasks within our workflow, which provides consistency and accountability throughout the process. Combine this with the system’s Rx tracking features and we always know a prescription’s status and location at any point in time,” comments Corkrean. “Overall, the system’s blend of bar code scanning, imaging, tracking, and automated counting gives you so much confidence that it’s hard to make a mistake.”