WellDyne Rx

WellDyne Rx is a national pharmacy benefit manager focused on providing clients with innovative health management strategies, cost containment options, and incredible service. WellDyne Rx currently serves their health plan members through a retail network of over 53,000 national pharmacies, and a full-service mail order facility located in the Colorado headquarters.


“Prior to conducting our technology search, we set the bar high. We wanted a state-of-the-art robotic dispensing system with the highest levels of safety, speed, and cost effectiveness,” said Susan Cain, senior vice president of operations, WellDyne Rx.

Rx Volume:

Since deploying the RDS ROBOTx central fill system in July, WellDyneRx has increased throughput by 25% and has exceeded its turnaround guarantees by 24 hours. The installation of the system now provides WellDyneRx with the ability to increase production to over 18,500 prescriptions per day from their current facility.


WellDyneRx’s RDS ROBOTx system is comprised of a 360-dispenser Robotic Work Cell, a three-tiered Tote Conveying system with RFID tracking, and six PharmASSIST workstations (three for Rx Verification and three for Manual Filling). The system is fully integrated with PharmASSIST Symphony® (workflow management software), Per-Se’s MailRx™ pharmacy management system, and Pitney Bowes’ Ascent™ package management software. The PharmASSIST Symphony component serves as conduit of shipping information between MailRx and Ascent and eliminates the need for the re-keying of mailing information to create shipping labels and shipping charges.


“With Innovation’s RDS ROBOTx, we increased our volume while simultaneously adding multiple levels of prescription monitoring for patient safety. We have demonstrated a unique design and process flow integration that allows us to replicate high volume dispensing with a high degree of customization for our clients,” said Susan Cain. “One of the other key advantages of the RDS ROBOTx system is its small overall footprint. With this extremely efficient workflow and materials movement, we provide high quality, cost effective service to clients that favorably compares to direct ownership.”