Every pharmacy is unique. Each of you has distinct business and operations goals, different environments, and
pharmacy-specific requirements. Identifying and aligning the right solutions to address your goals, and guide your
strategy and decision-making will vary greatly by pharmacy type.

For example, you may be a large hospital organization implementing a program that requires your employees fill
their prescriptions at your outpatient pharmacies. But presently, you don’t have the dispensing capacity to handle
the impending rise in volume. Or you may be a retail chain strategizing about establishing a central fill site so you
can offload all refill processing and free up your staff to deliver patient-facing services. Your organization dictates
all capital expense technology investments provide a clear growth path and a definitive ROI.

Innovation is a pharmacy solutions provider. We help you define a clear vision of where you’re going and how to
get there. Our solutions span the smallest independent pharmacy to the largest mail order site.

What type of pharmacy are you?

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